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Epic Skin Duo
Epic Skin Duo
Epic Skin Duo

Epic Skin Duo

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A combo between Traditional Gua Sha with the newest technology of Oosmosis’s EPIC Skin Tool to create ease of movement while enhancing your skincare routine for more effective results!

On one end:

EPIC Duo Gua Sha

  • Visibly diminish puffiness and tension in the face, neck, and décolleté.
  • Relax stiff facial muscles and tissues, to smooth fine lines and soften wrinkles.
  • Improve blood circulation to refine dark circles and enhance glow.
  • Contour & sculpt jawline and cheekbones.
On the other end:

EPIC Roller Tool
  • 360-degree roller that gently glides over facial contours creating micro-channels in a safe zone, featuring hundreds of mini-pyramids that penetrate just beyond your skin's lipid barrier.
  • Up to 30% more of a product's active ingredients will penetrate deeper and perform more effectively.
Proprietary Copper Alloy Technology
  • Energetically, Copper is known to stimulate energy flow, creating balance within that flow.
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