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Recycling Program

Bringing Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle to Suga Skincare!

Nature has provided us with endless nutrients and remedies to keep our skin nourished and healthy, which is the foundation which fuels Suga Skincare's products. Just as these all natural products care for our skin, we hope to care for mother earth in return. One small action to live more sustainably can make a big difference! 

Our recycling program aims to reduce waste and rewards our customers for making positive choices!

For local San Diego residents, bring in your empty Suga Skincare product containers to our La Mesa location (7830 La Mesa Blvd.) and for every empty (glass or plastic) returned, you will receive $1 off your next purchase (5 empties, $5 off and so on)! We will take care of the recycling for you via TerraCycle!

Learn more about their programs here:

This is just one of the ways we hope to show our gratitude for you and our earth.

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