Suga Skincare was officially founded 2019 by Angelea Iafornaro (Lea Fornaro). After about a year and a half of experimenting with formulas and natural skincare products, while selling at local farmers’ markets, she realized that skincare was a true passion. She wanted to create a brand where men and women felt confident in the products they were using, knowing the ingredients are both plant-based and effective. With all of nature’s remarkable solutions to our skin concerns combined with scientific research and evidence, there was a whole world to explore. She officially decided to take a leap into the realm of skincare and pursue this dream, so she went back to school to become a licensed esthetician and began working toward the business. Afterward, she began working as an esthetician, while simultaneously developing the Suga Skincare product line. 2020 was a challenge for the service industry, among many others, but they were able to come out on the other side aneeds continue thriving. The Suga Skincare line has now began retailing in local esthetician studios and some boutique stores throughout San Diego!

Mission: Suga Skincare is dedicated to providing quality skincare products that are safe and effective, in which every ingredient is intentional and holds value to the overall product. Suga Skincare values integrity and upholds this standard in all aspects of the brand. 

Vision: To help women and men feel confident in their skin, knowing the ingredients they use are both safe and effective, and will not require them to sacrifice their health for beauty, as these are one in the same. 

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